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Welcome To Our Store

Things to know before you order...

DVD's ship from a duplication facility in Nevada so shipping to your address takes 7-10 days from the time you receive a shipping confirmation.  **We are seeing an increase in compatibility issues with DVD's.  If you order a DVD and it does not play on your player, we will send you a digital download link.  We will not be able to replace the DVD as the same issue is likely to happen again.**

Blu-ray discs are hand made in our Waukesha office and sent to you from the local post office.  Shipping to your address takes 3-4 days from the time you receive a shipping confirmation.

Digital Download is the WAY TO GO if you want the FASTEST delivery!  A single use download link is sent to your email within days to 2 weeks (depending on how many shows were filmed) following the recital!  As soon as the show is edited, you'll have access to download and watch it!  

Please do not use the digital download free shipping code when purchasing physical media.
Your order will be delayed until shipping is paid.

Please choose your organization to purchase performance videos

$6 Shippping Charge

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