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Welcome To Our Store

Things to know before you order...

Blu-ray discs are hand made in our Waukesha office and sent to you from the local post office.  Delivery to your address takes 3-4 days from the time you receive a shipping confirmation.  Discs are color printed and are placed in a custom designed case.

Digital Download is the WAY TO GO if you want the FASTEST delivery!  A single use download link is sent to your and you can download the show in 2 formats - 720p, 1080p (.mp4 file format).  LINKS ARE SENT FROM AND OFTEN END UP GOING TO YOUR SPAM FOLDER.   Once you get an email stating your order is on it's way, check your spam folder if you do not receive the link in your inbox!

Digital Downloads are delivered via email to the registered email address at checkout. Digital Downloads may require you to use a computer or other playback device meeting minimum system requirements, and you are responsible for ensuring that your computer or playback device meets Digital Download system requirements prior to purchase. We currently use Dropbox to send files and cannot troubleshoot issues you have with Dropbox.  Once you have purchased a downloadable product, we encourage you to use the provided Access Link to preview the video and download it, and to access it promptly to ensure that you have received it. You are responsible for downloading within thirty (30) days after delivery and bear all risk of loss thereafter, including any loss due to a computer or hard drive crashes. We will usually continue to make purchased Digital Downloads available via the Access Link for additional viewing and downloads even after this thirty (30) day period, but we may, from time to time, disable the Access Link without notice. First Star Media L.L.C. will not be liable to you if any Access Link is removed or otherwise becomes unavailable for additional viewing or downloads past the 30 day period.

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