This set includes all 9 shows on 9 DVD's - this includes all full performances with chapter markers, color printed discs, and color printed cases for each show.



Show #1 Friday 6:30pm 

Tiny Twinklerz

Tween Dance

Premier Lyrical

Elite Solos

Rock Starz Solos

Sparklerz Solos

Youth Solos

Shinin Starz Solos


Show #2 Friday 7:45pm

Elite All Starz

Junior Solos

Shooting Starz Solos

Stardust Solos


Show #3 Saturday 11:00am

Tiny Twinkerz

Shooting Starz

Little Boys Hip Hop

Big Boys Hip Hop

Tiny Tot Wednesdays


Show #4 Saturday 12:45pm

Premier Pom Mondays

Premier Hip Hop

Premier Combo Mon & Thur

Classic Combo

Premier Hip Hop Tue.


Show #5 Saturday 2:30pm

Pom & Tumble Monday 4:45pm

Pom Jumps & Turns Wed

Classic Combo

Hip Hop Tuesday

TuTus Tumbling & Tiaras Tue.


Show #6  Saturday 4:15pm


Rock Starz

TuTu & Tennis Shoes


Show #7 Sunday 11:15am

PreCombo Wed

Mix It Up Wed

PreCombo Thur

Tiny Tot Thur

Shining Starz


Show #8 Sunday 1:00pm

Youth All Starz


TuTu, Tumbling and Tiaras

Tween Hip Hop


Show #9  Sunday 2:45pm

Elite All Starz


ALL 9 Shows on 9 DVD's - Starz Dance Academy